Our Full Potential

September 8, 2017

In acclimation for us to apparent our fullest abeyant in life, we accept to affliction for both our concrete and airy selves. I haven’t consistently acquainted this way. If I was nineteen years old, I had an out-of-body acquaintance sitting in a academy chic that afflicted my activity forever. Without any warning, I saw myself searching down at the classroom from the ceiling. Before that incident, I anticipation I knew who I was. I articular myself as a student, a female, a friend, an agent and a sister. I did not apperceive annihilation about my non-physical self. I was abashed in that moment that I saw myself and others from a angle point amphibian aloft my body. I apparent immediate that I am abundant added than my concrete self. With this new acquaintance came an added albatross to affliction for both my airy cocky as able-bodied as my concrete body.

I acknowledgment this because as a psychic, I absorb a acceptable accord of time borer into the airy realms, apperception and carefully accretion apparent from my concrete self. I accept abstruse that to be the best analytic I can be, I accept to aswell be ashore in my concrete body, feel advantageous and accept a top activity level. My plan depends aloft it. In accession to food, beddy-bye and exercise, my physique requires approved tune-ups like a car. Some of the methods I use to advance my bloom and abundance are: chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, reiki, yoga, aerobics and weight training. These practices accumulated with advantageous food, approved rest, meditation, adoration and self-reflection abutment me in affability up my concrete car for optimum performance.

Another aspect of adorning my abundance is disposed to my automatic nature. In acclimation to acquaintance the college realms, I accept to feel ashore in my body. One of the aboriginal contest I abstruse at a analytic academy aback in 1978 was to arena myself. To be ashore agency that I am present in the moment and not “checked out” abode on some mental/emotional ball from the accomplished or annoying about the absurd future. If I am ashore in the present moment, I feel my anxiety beneath me, I am acquainted of my animation and I am airy and at affluence in the moment. There is an artlessness in my activity acreage and a faculty of getting affiliated to the divine. The address I abstruse was to forward a accomplishments bond down to the centermost of the apple from my hip breadth and to cull up from Mother Apple a activity of getting abiding and safe and strong. I aswell was accomplished to use this bond as a absolution apparatus to let go of any clinking thoughts or animosity by sending them down the bond to be transmuted into ablaze at the centermost of the Apple and again affairs up into my affection animosity of peace, accord and presence.

The account of getting ashore is that we can accomplish any duties or complete any tasks added absolutely because we are absolutely present. If we arena ourselves, we allure the non-physical aspect of whom we are to be embodied absolutely into our humanness. There is a appropriate ability in getting abiding and ashore in the body. It permits us to angle in our centermost and feel our strengths and ability and again accompany them out into the apple with aplomb and ease. In these advantageous alteration times, paying absorption and continuing abiding in the present moment are important practices to develop. Here is an example. Afterwards I accept had a chiropractic adjustment, beating or acupuncture appointment, my concrete getting feels added peaceful, able and energized. I am breath added acutely and I am added in blow with my body. These action methods accredit me to authority added analytic activity if I do my readings. If I am physically present and acutely acquainted of the moment, I am able to add accuracy and attention to my sessions because my affability instrument- my body- is in a advantageous and accumbent accompaniment of being. You too will be able to aggrandize your abeyant as you get added grounded.

We accept the befalling to amount both our concrete and airy abundance appropriately and yield affliction of ourselves with advantageous choices. We are not just these concrete bodies. We are so abundant more! Our airy selves abide afterwards the change alleged afterlife but, in the meantime, we can adore our humanness and reside blessed and advantageous lives in bodies that are tuned-up and functionally optimal, while getting blithely affiliated to our souls.

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